serve On campus


Artists are a major blessing to this community. Your creativity can help our vision. So if you love creative communication—whether that’s video, lighting, stage design, music or behind-the-scenes work—we’ll find a way to get you involved. 

Music Teams

Musicians, vocalists, lyricists, ambience-creators: we’re always auditioning and finding new sound. Let us hear what you’ve got. Do you polka? Well then, bring the polka.

Sound and A/V Teams

Love cables, equalizers, buttons and beats? Amateurs or experts, we could use you. We need people on weekends, in the main auditorium and youth areas. Fear not: we’ll train you (a complete web-accessible knowledge base at your disposal), and you’ll have the chance to help others hear, see and experience God. 

Video Professionals

If you’re a production professional of any kind or a professional hobbyist with your own gear-what can we say? You are rare and wonderful and we’d love to know you! We need producers, cameramen, editors, sound-mixers, animators, prop and wardrobe stylists, make-up artists. If you want to make us very happy and volunteer, call and tell us you have some free time you’ve been wondering what to do with. 

Graphic Design

If you’re a trained, professional graphic designer, we’d love to get you involved somehow. Opportunities in this area are more sporadic than in many other serving areas, but please tell us how you’re interested in serving and we’ll add you to our list of go-to, rock-star designers we call on from time to time.

Worship Choir rehearses every Sunday from 5-6:30 PM in the Chapel. Our next session will begin in August 2016. No audition is necessary. Come join us! 

Set Construction

Help us build sets that hundreds of people lay their eyes on. Usually this means some heavy lifting and a good old power-saw, but we also need painters, hammer swingers and screwdrivers (of the non-intoxicating variety). (Click here to see samples of stage design that inspire us).

Video Volunteers

If you would like to help with video, you can help us spread the big-screen love: push buttons, mix sound, edit a clip, hold a camera. Even if you’re untrained, we can find a role for you. Projects are sporadic, but we keep volunteer lists and use what we’ve got.  

Contact John Holsapple to discuss your past experience and current skill level to see where you fit in.