We were given the green light to reopen Chapel Rock on a limited basis for worship starting on Sunday, June 7. To say we are excited is a colossal understatement! We also want to be as prayerful and careful as possible so we can do it the right way, and the safe way, for all of our people and our guests. What does this mean for our Chapel Rock family? We’ve created this page to help you have detailed information about our efforts to provide a safe on-campus worship experience for you and your family.

Currently, Chapel Rock classes, Life Groups, etc. may utilize classroom space in the building by using the online Room Request form.

Unless we have new directives from the Governor or Mayor, community groups may begin using classroom space beginning Sunday, July 5. The point person or main contact for each group should use the online Room Request form or contact the Chapel Rock offices to keep the line of communication open.


Our service times have been modified to allow adequate time to disinfect areas between services.  Beginning June 7, services begin at 9:00 am and 11:00 am and will last approximately one hour.

To ensure we stay under the maximum number of people allowed in one room, you MUST pre-register your household for either the 9:00 am or 11:00 am service by going to chapelrock.org/events or calling the Chapel Rock office, (317) 247-9739.

You will have the opportunity to reserve your spot(s) for the upcoming Sunday services. Households will need to reserve spots each week for each person attending, including all children. 

Below are examples of this will work.

  • To reserve spots for June 28, the reservation period begins on Sunday, June 21, at 12 p.m. and runs through Thursday, June 25, at 12 noon. 
  • Families can and should sit together, but there must be at least six feet between you and the next family or individual sitting in your row.

  • Every other pew in the Worship Center will be marked off to insure social distancing.

  • As you enter the Worship Center, we ask that you move to the inner most seating positions in your selected pew (not on the ends so folks won’t crawl over you!).

  • Fellowship Hall will be used for overflow seating and the service will be live-streamed with a staff pastor to greet you, handle announcements, etc.

  • We ask everyone to maintain six feet of social distancing as you move into the building and venue where you will worship.

  • We encourage everyone to bring your own hand sanitizer. Even though we will have hand sanitizer on campus, we encourage you to bring some as well. (If you would like to donate some to help us have more than enough, that would be great, too!)

  • Consistent with the actions taken by many individuals across the state, please consider wearing face coverings.

Any item which you receive during a Sunday service — from the time items entered our office to the endpoint of delivery have only been touched by someone who is wearing a facial mask and gloves.



  • If you have pre-registered for the Worship Center, you will park in the south lot and enter at the main entrance (door #1).

  • If Fellowship Hall is utilized and you have pre-registered for Fellowship Hall, you will park in the north lot and enter at door #14.

  • As a reminder, social distancing begins and should be maintained while in the parking lot and when entering or exiting the building. 

  • If the weather is threatening, be sure to put your umbrella in the car before you leave home.



  • Will wear gloves and facial masks.

  • Greets everyone with a wave, verbal ’hello’ and a welcome back sign.



  • We will clearly identify and specify “entrance” and “exit” doors from both parking lots.

  • Both exterior entrances (doors #1 and #14) will have doors propped open to have a ‘no touch’ experience.

  • All doors leading into the Worship Center will be propped open.

  • We will keep entrances areas as clear and open as possible.

  • If you pre-registered for the Worship Center, there will be arrows on the carpet directing you on the east side of the Foyer directly to the Worship Center.

  • If you pre-registered for the Fellowship Hall, there will be arrows on the carpet directing you from door #14 into Fellowship Hall.


  • If you are attending one of the services in the Worship Center, the restrooms across from the Next Step room will be available. Please be mindful of social distancing.
  • If you are attending a service in Fellowship Hall the Family restroom and the restrooms near the 1st & 2nd grade classroom will be available.



  • All water fountains will be blocked off or turned off.
  • Tables will be placed in front of water fountains with bottled water.


  • We will have containers of hand sanitizer in the Foyer, Narthex, and in the restrooms.


  • Giving envelopes will be on tables in the Foyer as the pew racks will be emptied of envelopes, pens, and hymnals.


  • We have baby bottles remaining following our drive-thru distribution earlier in May. If you desire a bottle to support Life Centers, those will be available on a table in the Foyer as you exit the building following the service.


  • Our live services will begin at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. in the Worship Center. If the maximum number per service is reached, you will be offered the opportunity to sit in the Fellowship Hall and watch the live streamed broadcast.

  • We ask you not arrive and enter the building until 5 — 10 minutes prior to the beginning of each service.

  • Our Praise Team and Band will not use facial coverings, but they will have a health screening and their temperature taken as they enter the building.

  • The Elders expect you to wear a facial covering if you choose to sing during the service, as it has been documented by wearing a facial mask, it eliminates spreading respiratory droplets when singing.

  • The balcony will not be opened unless needed to accomplish the 6’ social distancing.

  • Communion will be served in a double-cupped format with the bread in a bottom cup and the juice placed in a second cup, inside the bottom cup.

  • You will go to one of several stations for communion, being handed the bread and juice cups from an usher who will be wearing gloves and facial masks.

  • Volunteers preparing communion will be required to wash their hands with soap for 30 seconds prior to putting on a facial mask and gloves.

  • As you make your way to a station please observe 6’ social distancing.

  • We will be eliminating the ‘Moment of Fellowship’ until it is safe to resume.

  • We will not have any transactional business on campus. In other words, no food services, no communion trays or offering plates being passed. Connection Corner and the kitchen are closed until further notice.

  • Pew racks will have hymnals, pens, envelopes, and giving cards removed.

  • Following the end of each service, you will be ushered out of the Worship Center, similar to a wedding, to accomplish 6’ social distancing.


As the invitation hymn is played, should you make a decision for Christ, desire to transfer your membership, or are requesting prayer, we will direct you to meet one of our staff pastors at the Next Step Room (not down front as is usually the case).

  • The person being baptized, their immediate family, and the person performing the baptism will be the only persons permitted in the baptistry area.

  • No group baptisms will be held unless they are members of the same immediate household.

  • We will also be available to do private baptism times later if people are more comfortable with that.


  • There will be no nursery rooms available or Early Childhood programming for at least the first few weeks.

  • We are encouraging families to worship and sit together.

  • We are actively working to develop new procedures to be able to minister safely and effectively once the nursery reopens.

If you have any concerns or health issues, we strongly recommend you remain at home and watch our online streaming services which will continue at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

  • Again, we will not open with all ministries, activities, or events.

  • Chapel Rock related groups with 25 or fewer people may begin reserving rooms/space after June 7.

  • Food and drink will not be permitted and as a reminder the Kitchen and Connection Corner are closed until further notice.