CommReq FAQs

  • General Items Needed for Design Request

    • All copy (i.e. event details) must be turned in when you request the work. 
    • If you have a pre-existing brand, that information needs to be included as well (i.e. your partnering with another ministry). 

    Items Needed for Design Requests that Require Printing

    • Quantity to print
    • Size/dimensions of the print materials
    • Finalized information (i.e. name, date, time, location, audience, short description, etc.)
    • Digital graphics list (i.e. email header, digital signage, etc.)

    Do I need to give you ideas when requesting a design?

    Feel free to provide your ideas; however, remember that the design and marketing teams adhere to Chapel Rock branding standards.

    Can I pick out my own colors and photos for my design?

    You may offer suggestions for colors, fonts, and photos, but Communications reserves the right to make all final design decisions.

  • Please Note: The availability of specific items for your ministry is at the discretion of the design team.

    Small Printed Materials

    • Postcards/Mailers
    • Stickers
    • Additional items may be requested through a design consult.

    Large Printed Materials

    • Roadside Banners
    • A-Frame Signage
    • Vinyl Wall Graphics
    • Building/Office Signage
    • Additional items may be requested through a design consult.

    Digital Graphics

    • Social Media Graphics
    • TV Digital Graphics
    • Webpage Event Graphics
    • Email Graphics
    • Slides
  • When you submit your CommReq, you have the opportunity to include any design direction you may have as well as upload attachments for inspiration. This allows our team to have the best understanding of what you are looking for when they work on your project.

    • If you provided design direction, our team will work on edits within the scope of the direction you initially provided. Simply reply back to the email you received with your proof to explain changes.
    • If you did not provide design direction, we are unable to accommodate all design edits.

    If you have simple copy edits such as date is wrong, names misspelled, etc., simply reply to the proof email with those updates for our team to make.

  • Can I use a design from another church or ministry?

    In order to use a design from another church or ministry, we must have written permission to use the design and verify that it is an original design by which the church or ministry has the right to distribute.

    Who contacts the other church or ministry to ask for the rights?

    That is entirely up to you. If you have connections and the ability to connect with the other church or ministry, please do. If you consult with us beforehand, we can also let you know what types of files/artwork to request.

    Can I copy or use artwork I have seen in person or found online?

    Absolutely not. Copying an artist’s work or using artwork we do not have the rights to can result in legal action being taken against the church.

  • Promotions are divided into the five tiers below. Tiers are determined by Communications Team based on audience and reach. Please note that how these tiers apply to a ministry opportunity may change based on the event being elevated by executive leadership or community participating in a single event.

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