Room, Bus Requests, + Weddings

Room and AV Requests

All rooms and space in the building are to be reserved before a meeting, event, or activity takes place. By completing the Room and A/V Request Form, we will capture most of the information necessary to approve your activity.

Please Note: If you are requesting a Sunday afternoon activity in the Family Room, please be aware that due to our Sunday AM schedule, the room will not be available to be set up by our facility staff until 1:00 PM. You must then factor in your set up time to determine what your actual 'start' time will be.

Building use policy prohibits 'for profit' organizations nor is the building available for personal use.

Bus Reservation

Members of Chapel Rock who would like to use one of our buses for transportation to a ministry-related event or activity, must submit a vehicle request. The organizer is responsible to obtain a Chapel Rock-approved driver, who has completed the volunteer background consent form and has been cleared to drive.

Due to legal and insurance issues, Chapel Rock does not loan or rent their vehicles to outside organizations.

Please keep in mind that Chapel Rock vehicles can only be used for ministry-related transportation
(personal use is prohibited).



The purpose of the Chapel Rock Christian Church Marriage Ministry is to:

  • prepare engaged couples for a life-long, God-glorifying marriage; 
  • to assist in the preparation of the wedding ceremony; and
  • to provide resources after the wedding to help the couple maintain and enrich their marital relationships.


Because we are committed to build strong marriages, we want to share three of our policies upfront. Our purpose is not to condemn or reject anyone, but to comply with God’s principles for marriage. The spiritual leaders of Chapel Rock, and the board of Elders, have established the following policies which must be adhered to by the couple.

1. The bride or groom must be a member or regular attendee of Chapel Rock Christian Church. 

2. Because we have an expectation of marital preparation, couples who desire to be married at Chapel Rock are to participate in pre-marital counseling sessions conducted by a member of our pastoral staff. 

3. Couples must remain celibate and not live together at any time prior to the wedding ceremony. The staff pastors of Chapel Rock will not perform the ceremony if the couple is living at the same address.

Wedding Handbook

If you are contemplating a wedding at Chapel Rock and meet the criteria above, you can obtain a copy of the Wedding Handbook and Guidelines by clicking here.