next steps

Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will always have a next step to take as you grow. Need help? If you’re still not sure what your next step is, let us help you.

your wholeness pathway

Find your place in the Chapel Rock family. These classes and experiences are the best place to learn what our church believes and what God wants for you.

Welcome to the Rock

If you are new to Chapel Rock, this is the place to start! Welcome to the Rock is a lunch and conversation time for those interested in finding out more about Chapel Rock. It is a chance to meet Lead Pastor, Casey Scott and listen as he shares the vision for our church and our community. This will launch you into the next step, your Wired experience. The luncheon is from 12:30 to 2 pm and located in the Fellowship Hall (FH 14).

Next Class Date: Spring 2021


Wired is a 3-week class that follows Welcome to the Rock. It is designed to help you find your place here at Chapel Rock. You will learn about the habits of wholeness, discover your spiritual gifts and temperament, and be able to apply those gifts to ministry opportunities as a way of sharing who you are with others. Upon completing this class, you can then decide if you want to become a member of Chapel Rock. Please note, this is a 3-week class and to get the fullest benefit from it, we ask that you attend a minimum of 2 out of the 3 weeks to be considered complete. The sessions will be from 11 am to 12:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.

Child care is provided via our normal Sunday children's programs that occur during 2nd service.

Next Class Dates: Spring 2021


Rooted is a life-changing, experiential discipleship process. It is a concept to inspire people to passionately follow Jesus and change the world. It’s for people of all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds...helping us to see God in new ways and redefine His plan for our lives. Are you ready to think differently about discipleship?

Next Rooted Experience: Spring 2021

Cost: $25 per person (includes book, a meal, etc.)

Life in Rhythm

Life in Rhythm is a 10-week experience equipping and empowering you to live out God’s design for work & family. Life In Rhythm is intended for groups who have already experienced Rooted. If you have yet to experience Rooted, please refer to the Rooted registration to reserve your spot while openings are still available. Much like RootedLife in Rhythm goes beyond a program, seminar, or small group by provoking questions, conversations, and beyond-what-is-comfortable group experiences designed to help you find yourself in God’s story.

Next Life in Rhythm Experience: TBD


We find it helpful for you to have a conversation with a leader to confirm in your mind the biblical understanding of Baptism and what it means to your faith. You can speak with a staff member in the office during the week or talk to a leader at invitation time on Sunday. You may choose to have a conversation with one of our leaders in the Next Step Room after the service as well. After you have the conversation the leader will help you to take the next step in finding wholeness in Jesus.

the bible

The Bible tells us the truth of who God is. If you want to know more about God and His promises, reading the Bible is your next step. Reading the Bible every day can change the rest of your days, and God’s word—the Bible—is the primary way He speaks to us. It’s the absolute best way to discover how to follow Jesus. Reading the Bible will bring you hope, encouragement, guidance, and practical advice on the everyday issues you’re facing. It is relevant to everyone, everywhere, at any time. 

"All Scripture is God-breathed..." - 2 Timothy 3:16


The Bible App allows you to read the Bible, share verses on social networks, bookmark your favorite passages, and more.


Discover who you are, who God is, and how to follow Him. God doesn’t just save us and send us out. He invites us into His family. Groups are where godly friends become spiritual family. Where faith is stirred, assumptions are challenged, sisters are found, and brothers build each other up. If you aren’t experiencing the love and support of a spiritual family, discover what you’re missing. Connect to a Group today.

finding a serving team

When you bring your experiences and abilities into the local church, you’re like the aunt who brings mac and cheese at Thanksgiving. Without you, the meal just doesn’t feel complete.  Chapel Rock has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, season, and schedule. No matter your age and stage of life, you bring something special to our church family.  Sign up below to start serving in a specific area of ministry. Or, join us at our Wired Class to discover how God has uniquely wired you.


Jesus tells His disciples they will receive power from the Holy Spirit, and they will be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. We believe the same is true today. We are called to reach our city, our state, and our world. And because we partner with churches and organizations, the work we do on the ground continues after we come home. Working together, we get to see the Great Commission happening before our eyes.

Hundreds of people have asked Jesus into their life during our trips abroad. But saying yes to missions won’t just change others — it’ll change you, too. 

Mission trips transform the people who go as much as they help the people we serve. Seeing God work around the world will expand your understanding of who He is, how much He loves you, and the power of the Gospel.