House Church Kit  |  may 31, 2020

Acts 5:42

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.”

We’ve always shared the opportunities and benefits of gathering as a body on Sundays in one space as; for this season we have the opportunity to dig into gathering from “house to house.” May this guide serve to help make the experience rich for you and those who gather in your household. 


8:15   Breakfast

8:45  Clean-up

9:00 Read Scripture Together: Take turns reading, Philippians 2: 10-11, Ezekiel 19:1, Amos 5:1, and Isaiah 40: 9-10

9:10  Prayer: Have someone lead an opening prayer together.

9:15  Log onto to share in the online experience.

[Post-Service] Go through discussion questions with your family/group

(questions located on this page)



  1. Read Philippians 2: 10-11, Ezekiel 19:1, Amos 5:1, and Isaiah 40: 9-10 individually, and as a family in preparation for your gathering.

  2. Gather communion supplies to share in the Lord’s Supper. Prepare a cup of grape juice (if you have it) for each person gathered, and have some bread ready (crackers, or pieces).

  3. Make a plan with those who will gather with you. Two identical times of worship & teaching will be broadcast at 9:15 am and 11 am on Sunday morning. 


Stay up-to-date on information happening at Chapel Rock and in our community.


(As a Family/House Church Gathering) 

  • Has there ever been a time that you felt like you weren’t being heard? How did that make you feel?

  • What worship practice helps you feel best connected to God? (singing, prayer, reading Scripture, serving, giving, Communion, etc.)

  • Do you think we really understand lament in 21st century America? Why or why not?

  • As things open back up, what are some ways you can be / do / tell good news

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